Are You Turning Into A Flaky Mom?

When you become a mom, you dream of being the best mom in the world… you know the kind that is best friends with their kids and whom other kids regard as the coolest mom ever? But then, there comes a time when it all changes. You make promises that you can’t honor, forget important dates and bail out at the last minute hence, missing out on some of your child’s most important milestones.


Since flakiness is something that happens gradually, you’ll only end up discovering that you are a “flaky” mom when it’s already too late. But, there are some telltale signs that you can look for in order to detect this behavior before it’s too late.

flaky mom


  1.  Procrastination: If you find yourself postponing a lot of kids’ activities.
  2.  Not keeping your word: If you are ever making promises but never fulfilling them.
  3.  Being too strict: If you are too strict on yourself or your kids, it’s highly probable that you will put yourself/them under a lot of pressure and if you/they fail to meet your expectations, you may end up losing it.
  4.  Never having time: Despite motherhood being a full-time job, failing to give yourself some “me time” is bound to impact negatively on your life. Having too much to do and too little time to do it may drive you crazy.


  1.  Firstly, it’s important that you seek help. If you can afford it, you can hire a nanny and if not, you can be hiring a baby sitter every once in a while or, asking friends and relatives to help.
  2. Learn to balance work and family. Since both of them are important, divide your time wisely so that you can make enough money to take care of your family and also, get to spare enough time to spend with the kids.
  3. Plan your time wisely while prioritizing on the very important issues so that, you can have enough time to relax and appreciate what you have.
  4.  Don’t strive to be the perfect parent for that’s a title that no parent has ever or will ever be capable of achieving.
  5.  And, it goes without saying that you ought to plan your family wisely for, the more kids you have, the higher the chances of you turning into a “flaky” mom.

Do you think you’re a flaky mom?