3 Quick Tips to Fix Your Chips With Or Without Nail Polish

Today, nail artist, Fleury Rose, is here to share her three easy tips on how to fix chipped nail polish at home.

To start, dip a pointed brush in nail polish remover and stroke the areas that have chips. This helps to smooth out the chip location so that when you paint over the chip you do not have any ridges or bumps that will show through the paint.

The first tip works if you have the nail polish at home that matches the color on your nails. Then go in with your color and add more paint to the chipped area all the way to the tip.

If you do not have the matching nail polish at home, choose a complementary color and do a French manicure on the nail. You can play with the thickness of the line. Beginners should make a thick straight line across.

The third technique utilizes glitter nail polish to create a gradient on the nail. You’ll want the glitter to be concentrated at the tip and then fade out towards the base of the nail. It may take several coats to get the effect you desire.

Finish off all of these fixes with a top coat and you’ll have nails that are cuter than when they were freshly painted!

Do you have any tips on how to fix chipped nail polish?