Looking Back: What Moms Wish They Knew With Their First Child

There’s an expression that you may have heard before, it goes like this: “Hindsight is 20/20.”  When it comes to our past, we know what we would have done differently, what decisions we would change, what we wouldn’t have worried about so much… especially in regards to parenting. First-time parents often put themselves through more turmoil than is necessary, but we never really realize it until that time is long gone, and we’re looking back.

Have Some Money In Savings

You know kids are expensive, yes, but most people don’t plan for the unexpected when it comes to having a baby. While you shouldn’t let finances dictate whether or not you become pregnant (money isn’t the end of the world), if you can at all help it, plan for the unexpected financially. Hopefully it won’t be a health issue that you end up dealing with, but rest assured, something will happen that you don’t expect: your spouse gets laid off, you get in a fender binder, the rent increases. Prepare yourself for anything financially, and it’ll make things much easier in the long run.

Really, Really Enjoy Time With Your Spouse

Once kid number one comes, time is limited. Good parents know and understand that life changes significantly once a baby is born. Not that you shouldn’t still pay attention to and nurture your relationship, but things are just different. The term “foot loose and fancy free” no longer applies, as you’re tied down to the demands of a baby. Literally – your schedule revolves around a little human, from birth until the time they move out. It is what it is, so love the free time you have with your spouse before you give that up, don’t be so fixated on having a baby that you lose sight of that.

Spring For The House With More Space

We have news for you: More often than not, when you start a family, time marches quickly and it’s usually one child right after another. Buying a house? Renting an apartment? Save yourself the misery of moving with a toddler and spring for the bigger space (if you can afford it). It’ll save yourself a lot of heartache and misery down the road if you prepare for the next kid or two in advance with your living situation.

Don’t Waste Time Asking Why

First time parents are full of “whys”: why is his fever not going down, why isn’t she sleeping, why is he crawling funny, why can’t he say his “S’s” correctly? Most likely, you will never learn the “whys” behind these questions. Health concerns aside – do yourself a favor and stop wasting energy trying to decode the situation. Accept it, and then roll with it. It’ll save you a lot of unnecessary sleepless nights and you’ll live much more freely.

First time moms – it goes without saying that the bundle of joy you’re soon to hold in your arms will be a highlight of your life, but will also cause you a lot of worry, stress, anxiety and frustration. Learn from mom’s who have gone before you, and let yourself off the hook for these issues.

 What would you change about your experience raising your first child?