Pizza Delivery Day Means Party! With Pizza!

february 21 pizza delivery day

February 21st is Pizza Delivery Day, and what a reason to celebrate! Actually, it feels more like a national holiday for moms. We know there have been plenty of evenings where the pizza delivery man came to our rescue. And since every kids loves pizza, you can take this opportunity to show your love for the pizza pie by throwing a pizza party! You may think it easiest to call up your local pizzeria and order a dozen of their best pepperoni pizzas for the party. That’s kind of in the spirit–but the kids would be missing out on a lot of fun. Instead, read on for some great pizza-themed ideas to throw a unique kids’ pizza party.  [photo via Figaro’s Pizza (they’re great!)]

Make Chef’s Hats

No chef is complete without a chef’s hat, so prepare hat-making supplies beforehand and have them ready to decorate when the kids arrive. There’s a great tutorial for making paper chef’s hats at My Kids Make…

Make Your Own Pizzas

Okay, this might seem a little contrary to National Pizza Delivery Day, but…well, the kids are already wearing chef hats. Now they can try making their own personal-sized pizza. You can buy pre-made pizza crusts to make things easier. Keep it simple with just a few toppings like sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Bake a few pies at once to speed things along.


There are several things you can do with pizza dough. Hold a dough tossing contest or use balls of dough in place of eggs in a twist on the game Egg Toss. Ask your local pizzeria for some unassembled pizza boxes and hold a race to see who can assemble the box the fastest. For older children, make the game harder by limiting them to only one hand, or giving them more boxes to assemble.

If these games aren’t what you’re looking for, there are some board games related to pizza and Italian food that kids love to play. Poppa’s Pizza Pile Up and Alfredo’s Food Fight Game are perfect for a pizza-themed party! Both of these games are available on


Keeping with the pizza theme, serve a Cookie Pizza! Use chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie dough pressed into a round pizza pan. Bake according to directions and then decorate with frosting and candies.

Goodie Bags

As each child leaves, hand them a bag filled with pizza-themed goodies. Stickers, Pizza Lunchables, gummy pizzas, and paper aprons make great goodie bag additions for the kids to remember your fun pizza party. If your local pizzeria offers coupons, you might ask for several to include in the goodie bags. Be sure to tell the parents that the bags contain things that could spoil or expire.