BREAKING NEWS! Former MTV Teen Mom Shows Bad Judgment, Waxes Daughter [VIDEO]

You might not know Farrah Abraham used to one of the questionable role models on MTV’s Teen Mom. Actually, Farrah is now 20 years old, but she still seems to be showing all the judgment of a teen. (Apologies to the good teen moms out there. We know they exist because our grandmother was one.)  She made the news earlier this week by showing off what $20,000 worth of plastic surgery buys a young gal nowadays. Yes, that’s $1,000 worth of plastic surgery for every year of her life. Now Farrah is making waves by giddily blogging about having her 3-year-old daughter getting some cosmetic waxing. Yeah. The blog entry even ended with Farrah praising herself as a good mom. Oh, we can’t bear to even type about it. Go to the video, if you dare…