Enjoying the Last Dregs of Summer

Family End of Summer Ideas - Moder Day Mom

As the final weeks of summer draw to a close, kids are beginning to head back into school and schedules are starting to normalize. Whether your kids have already headed back to the classroom or you are one of the lucky few with a couple more weeks of summer break, you can still take advantage of the last few weeks of warm temperatures.

Here are a few fun family end of summer ideas:

Head out for a picnic: With the hottest part of the summer trickling behind us, now is the perfect time to enjoy a picnic at the park, or in your backyard. The heat isn’t quite as intense and you may find fewer bugs and mosquitos nipping at your food and skin. Take advantage of summer fruits like watermelon, grapes, strawberries and blueberries while they are still easy to nab fresh and enjoy an end-of-summer nosh fest as a family.

Weekend getaway: If you didn’t have the chance to take a vacation this year, try for a weekend getaway while the weather is still warm and the roads are still clear. Head out for a quick last-minute camping trip or find a fun hotel for a fun weekend. Crowds at many resorts and other destinations will be less intense than the last few weeks because kids are heading back to school and less people are vacationing. Take advantage of the lower crowds and get a relaxing vacation in.

Have a family-movie night: Enjoy a few last nights of staying up late, binging on family movies and playing games together. While getting your kids back in schedule for the school year is a great idea, taking an extra night or two to enjoy summer can be a fun way to end the summer. Make s’mores over your oven, tell ghost stories (friendly or not-so-friendly), look at the stars and spend time getting a few more giggles in before getting back to business.

Take in a sunset: If you are lucky enough to live near hills, mountains or otherwise good viewing areas, take advantage of the heat and the sun. Head out to a high place over-looking your city and watch the sunset. As you watch the sun go down, you can also enjoy the gradual lighting of the city at night.

Go for a bike ride: Notice a theme here? Get outside and enjoy the rest of the nice weather! Grab your bikes and take a long bike ride, with an ice cream reward at the end. Find a bike trail in the forest and take time to explore and enjoy the sound of the birds. As the great weather dips into the cooler temperatures of fall, now is the perfect time to enjoy evening rides as well. The sun begins setting earlier and the nights get cooler the further into September we get.

While summer is wrapping up into the beginning of another school, year don’t give up on summer fun yet! Find simple ways to enjoy the end of summer, and remember to take pictures too!

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