3 Exercises You Can do with Your Little One

Mother and Child Yoga - Exercises to Do with Your Little One

Losing weight is hard. Most of us (read: 99.9 percent) will never have the chance to move onto a weight loss ranch and focus solely on exercising and eating healthy. When you have kids, it only gets more difficult to perform any exercises. Not only has your body morphed into a plush version of your former self, certain body parts are not where they used to be, and any extra energy you have is directed toward entertaining your little ones.

Most moms cannot or do not want to hire a nanny to watch their children when they head to the gym. In addition, it is nearly impossible to finish a full 30-minute workout video without tripping over a toy, diaper or child who has miraculously chosen this moment to figure out how to escape his crib. A simple solution to this problem is using your kids in your workout. Here are a few fun workouts that both you and your babe will enjoy.

Walk, walk, and walk

This is the easiest workout to add a child too. Pushing a stroller or carrying your little one in a carrier gives you a little extra resistance. Head out on a trail by your home, walk to the park, walk to the library. Instead of loading the car seat into the car the next time you need to run an errand, grab the stroller instead. You can even head for walks in chilly weather, just make sure both you and junior are bundled up.

For an extra burn, top every few minutes to do a few squats or leg lifts, using the stroller for balance.

Swing and Squat

If you have an older child who loves to swing, do not just push baby absent-mindedly. Use this time to get a little workout in for yourself. Incorporate squats and lunges into the pushing routine. Every time your little one goes forward, drop down for a squat or lunge. For a less intense start, add a few calf-raises instead.

If you are feeling adventurous, give your kid a big push and bust out a few jumping jacks before she slows down enough to need pushed again.

Shoulder Press

Holding your little one in front of you, lift her up and forward at a slight angle. Slowly bring her back towards you for a quick kiss and push her back up again. Your little one’s weight will provide the necessary resistance most women can tolerate, and you can spend some quality time making silly faces at her.

It really is quite easy to incorporate a smile child into your workout routine by sitting her in front of you when you stretch, using her body weight when you do squats and lunges or by simply being more physically involved in daily play time.

An added benefit of all this healthy quality time together: your little one will learn early about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and may even enjoy working out.

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