The Best Exercises To Do while Pregnant

When we’re expecting, we start to think about health in fitness in new ways. For that 40 weeks especially, our idea of fitness has to take into account the little one growing inside. We tend to eat healthier and avoid activities or situations that could put our babies or ourselves as risk. If you’re wondering about fitness while you’re expecting, here are the best 3 ways to exercise while pregnant. As always, a discussion with your care provider is always a good idea – especially if you have any questions.


Walking is such a great exercise for overall health: It’s easy, relatively low impact, requires no special equipment, and you can do it anywhere. Plus, you can adjust the intensity as your pregnancy progresses. And, you can even walk during labor for a variety of benefits. We just can’t say enough about the benefits of a walk. If you’re used to a higher intensity workout, walk up and down hills or at a brisk pace to get your cardio in. If you weren’t very active before pregnancy, you can still get great benefits from walking. Just listen to your body and be careful not to push too hard, particularly in that last few weeks. The benefits of walking include improved circulation, conditioning for lower back muscles and legs, and cardiovascular fitness.


The benefits of yoga are well-documented both for your mind and body. Most women are able to do yoga without much modification for the first trimester and even into the second. As your baby grows, you will find that some of the poses may be uncomfortable or even impossible. Consider a yoga class specifically for pregnant women – the instructors of those courses will know which poses are best and how to modify them as needed. Through yoga, you’ll learn breathing techniques and poses that may even be beneficial as your labor.


All pregnant women should end up in a pool, at some point. When you get to those last few weeks, you’ll see what we mean. The pool will be the only place where you feel weightless – and your back and joints will get sweet relief in the pool. Plus, if you’ve ever taken a water aerobics class or done any lap swimming, you know that it’s a great cardio workout, too. You may also be able to fine a water aerobics class specifically for pregnant women. If you can, take the class — you’ll get some great exercise and the feeling of buoyancy will amaze you, especially if you’re getting close to delivery.

You’ll get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, low-impact for your joints and some amazing mental benefits, too. Plus, the time you invest now will pay dividends on delivery day as well as for your recovery postpartum. The better your fitness throughout your pregnancy, the better your recovery will be after delivering your baby.

During your pregnancy period, you may continue to exercise through proper guidance. However for proper chiropractic care while pregnant consult your doctor or a chiropractic specialist.

Do you plan to exercise while pregnant?