Cleaning Products You Actually Need! [The Essentials, Part 1]

household cleaners you really need

Do you have bottles and bottles of cleaning products at home? Do you spend a lot of money hoping to discover the best cleaners – only to find out that most of them aren’t worth the cost? I did the same thing for years!  This caused an overflow of bottles and jugs in every cabinet in my bathroom and utility room. I finally have my favorite weapons against household germs chosen and stored in two cabinets!   Maybe sharing some of my must-haves will help you to get your own cabinets uncluttered.

I used to waste the most money and space in my bathroom. Now there are only four cleaning items used there!  My favorite is Fantastik with Bleach, which is great for the sink and toilet. I can also spray it in the bathtub and walk away for a few minutes, and it’s clean after only a thorough rinse! Fantastik is even great on the walls and the floor.   The best toilet bowl cleaner I’ve found is Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It does power through tough stains like nothing else I’ve used. To keep the bowl fresh and to extend time between major cleaning, I like to use Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. Using the wand, I place a bit of gel inside the bowl.  It dissolves a little after each flush to prevent build-up, and it smells really great!

The last product I use in the bathroom–my beloved Green Works Cleaning Wipes–is one that I couldn’t do without. This is what I use between deep cleaning to keep things germ-free and fresh! Also, I ask the kids to use these before they leave the bathroom to help keep things clean. Since there are no harsh chemicals in the Green Works products, I feel better about asking the kids to use them.

I love the same surface cleaners in my kitchen. Fantastik with Bleach works wonders on my white stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Of course, I use it on my counters, table, cabinets, and even the trash can! The Green Works Cleaning Wipes stay in a central area in here as well for people who sneak in and make messes between meals. I use ammonia to clean the grates on my gas stove simply because it’s the only thing that works. I place each grate in a gallon-sized zipper seal bag with ¾ cup of ammonia overnight, and the buildup just wipes off! Another product I love in the kitchen is Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser. This is the only thing I’ve found that can take the sticky residue off of the stainless steel toaster, coffeepot, and other small appliances.

As you can see, you don’t need a different household cleaner for each surface. Between these two rooms, I only use six products. Part 2 of this article gets posted tomorrow, and I will share more about my cleaning favorites–and maybe it will help you find a few new ones!