Top 10 Epic Mom Fails

mom fails

It’s true, being a mom is a hard job. You really don’t know the full extent of what you are getting yourself into until that first little bundle of joy is laying in your arms. The moment you have to make fast decisions without having a second to think it through put this job into perspective. Remember when you thought taking a nap was going to be a breeze? What about that moment when you plan a craft day and you can not fathom anything going wrong? Moms have crazy lives and that means we sometimes accidentally do crazy things.

Favorite Epic Mom Fails

1.) How about a little slip of the finger or in some cases the dreaded auto correct re-writes your text. Moms are in a hurry all the time. That means we rarely double check our texting skills before we hit send. Here is a hilarious example of mom texting gone wrong:

Mom: Your great aunt just passed away. LOL
Son: Why is that funny?
Mom: It’s not funny David.
Son: LOL means Laughing out loud mom.
Mom: OHMGSH I sent that to everyone, I thought it meant Lots of Love.

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2.) How about being in such a hurry you forget to strap your baby into the car seat? Been there before? One honest mom has. She was driving along and her baby was crying uncontrollably. The worried mother pulls over to find her little guy had fallen over. She cried with him when she found out she forgot to buckle him in.

3.) Next time you get a prescription from the doctor be sure and read the label on how to use it. One silly mom was given a prescription from the doctor for a bad case of chicken box. For three days dedicated mom spoon fed the little tyke the calamine lotion to cure is itchiness. Fortunately mama walked away with her pride when she figured it out.

4.) Ever help your kids with their homework? One mom did. The problem she helped with turned out to be only one the child got wrong.

5.) How about early morning breakfast? Sometimes you don’t have time and others, its just not worth the fight. One mom agreed when she let her daughter have a blow pop for breakfast on the way to school.

6.) Have your kids ever done something so dang cute that you couldn’t resist snapping a picture and putting it on Facebook. Then you realize you probably should have helped them instead? One mom did when her 9 month old son fell head first into his toy box and she snapped a picture with his cute little feet in the air.

7.) Have you ever left the giant tub of margarine on the table? One mom did, went for a brief shower and came back with a half eaten tub of margarine and a very full daughter.

8.) Kids get curious and creative. When the two mix moms need to be on the look out. Several moms admitted that their children took turns cutting each others hair. One mom said it happened twice in a month.

9.) Have you ever forgot to pick your child up from school? You are not alone. One mom let us know she was busy watching re-runs of the bachelor when her little one was knocking on the door crying.

10.) Sometimes those swear words just escape our mouths as adults. Things are frustrating. Several moms admitted that their little ones have learned to use swear words in the correct way and around grandma.

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Whatever it is that you have done as a parent to cause an epic fail remember one day you will laugh at it and we will be here to laugh with you. Moms are awesome and everyday is a learning experience, a memory and quite possibly your family’s favorite story to tell at every holiday.

Do you have any mom fails to share?

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