Have An Elvis Presley Birthday Party!

January 8th is the birthday of Elvis Presley–and it’s also a great excuse to have a gathering for the first time since the holiday season! If the rock-and-roll icon was still alive today, he would be turning 78. Even though the superstar passed away a long time ago, you can keep his memory alive with an Elvis Presley Birthday Party–that, incidentally, can also introduce your kids to some great rock ‘n roll. You already know the music that you’ll be playing. (We’re happy to report that pretty much the entire Elvis catalogue remains kid-friendly). Now here are some other party tips…

The Decor

Elvis Presley was considered one of the most prominent figures in rock and roll history, so it would only be fitting to choose some really rockin’ decorations. Take a few pages from the past and throw in some 1950s vintage decor. Buy some plastic fake records and use them as placemats, a large rock guitar standee, and place Elvis banners up on the wall. If you are into music, you can even go the extra mile, get a decent record player and some real vinyl albums of Elvis.  Also, if you can afford it, you might want to buy a tall Elvis standee so everyone at the party can take their picture with The King! And if you want to go all out, you could also buy Elvis-themed tablecloths, paper plates, napkins, and party favors. It’s all out there for Elvis fans.

The Food and Drink

Most kids will be very happy to learn about Elvis’ favorite foods. For example, no Elvis Party would be complete without peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches. (Your kid might want you to hold the bacon.) Also prepare bite-sized peanut butter and banana sandwiches, banana smoothies, mini baked quiches with bacon bits, BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches, and more. You could also create a new menu from scratch that includes southern specialties like fried chicken, biscuits, and mashed potatoes. For desert, you can serve pound cake with your choice of frosting or topping.

The Fun and Games

Celebrate the life Elvis lived and the legacy he left behind. Host a screening party with a cool Elvis movie or two like Jailhouse Rock–although kids may get more of a kick out of Fun in Acapulco or Clambake. Song ideas include “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Hound Dog, “Suspicious Minds”, and “Return to Sender”. Pass out cool rock star sunglasses to everybody. You can find pretty good aviators at the dollar store, and oversized sunglasses look great on kids.

And A Big Extra (If You Can Afford It)

If you really want to make the party unforgettable, you might consider hiring a professional Elvis impersonator to liven up the party and give a little show for the guests. That might work better for next year. All the best Elvis impersonators are usually booked way ahead for Elvis’ birthday–but maybe you could dare to entertain your kids by throwing together an Elvis outfit yourself.