Easy Sandwich Recipes In 30 Minutes Or Less

Easy Sandwich Recipes

Throwing together two slices and building a basic sandwich of peanut butter and jelly or a couple of slices of meat and mustard or mayo doesn’t cut it as a good sandwich nowadays. Most people like to have one that is very filling, not boring and what else…. Delicious! These ideas help save money and time. Sandwiches do not have to be just for lunches anymore as you can find them to take over breakfast and dinner time. The hard job is though, is finding that right sandwich that can really hit the spot.

Easy Sandwich Recipes – 30 Minutes or Less!

Breakfast Egg McMuffin Sandwich

You can make your own Egg McMuffin sandwich in just about 15 minutes and even make enough to last you an entire week. By just using your muffin tin, you can crack an egg into each muffin cup and add simple ingredients such as pieces of ham, spinach, pieces of bacon, cheese, whatever you like, make it your own. Once the eggs has been cooked, toast up an English muffin and tada You’ve created a simple breakfast sandwich in no time. Place the extras in a plastic container and just pull whatever you need for the morning and reheating them only takes about a minute or two.

Philly Steak Sandwich

Rachel Ray is the queen of 30 minute meals and who better to find some delicious sandwich in less, but her. Rachel’s Philly Steak Sandwiches takes 22 minutes combined for preparing and cooking, plus giving you 4 servings which you can share or safe for later. Imagine eating a fresh Philly steak right from your own stove cooked with fresh onions, beef tenderloin and provolone cheese. Place these cooked ingredients right on an Italian hoagie rolls

Strawberry & Cream Cheese Sandwich

Who would really think to put these two ingredients between a slice of bread. Although the Strawberry & Cream Cheese Sandwich sounds weird and may even look unappetizing, yet many people say that it is really good. This can be a great dessert sandwich that adds a bit of honey and orange zest into the mix. Get your dose of vitamin C when take a bite of this sandwich.

Classic Club Sandwich

Whether it is a single or double-decker, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Club Sandwich. Create the sandwich with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, your favorite cheeses and deli meats, along with some mayo or mustard. You can even toss in a side pickle or chips on the side and have a great meal. This classic sandwich can be whipped up in about 10 minutes, giving you 4 servings for a hearty lunch or dinner.

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