3 Nail Art Tools You Never Thought Existed In Your Home

Discover how our favorite nail artist, Fleury Rose, uses items you have laying around the house to make beautiful and creative nail art.

To start with, use a ball-headed pin to create dots on your nail. You can hold the pin in your fingers or you can stick the pin into a pencil eraser for a better hold. Next, pour paint onto a pallet then dab the pinhead into it. Using a 90-degree angle, dot the pin onto the nail. Different pin sizes and layering dots can make different effects.

Next, learn how to make ombre, or color gradient, nails with a makeup sponge. Paint a thin layer of polish onto the sponge. Working from the tip, dab the sponge onto the nail to gradually work color towards the cuticle. You want the tip of the nail to be darker than the base of the nail.

Lastly, use a toothbrush to make a splatter effect on your nails. Use watered down acrylic paint for this. Load the toothbrush up with paint and then pull the bristles back. As they snap back into place paint will the thrown on the nail. Wash your hands with water and soap to clean up.

Enjoy making really cool nails with items from home that cost basically nothing!

Will you give these nail art ideas a try?