Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

fall decorating ideas

Ah, fall is here! The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing, football games have started and there is a general thrilling feel to the air. And it’s put you in the mood to spruce up your home with a matching feel. Here, then, are 10 easy fall decorating ideas.

  1. Create a fall tabletop. Create a table centerpiece using faux orange, yellow and green foliage and brown wood. If you don’t have the desire to create your own, simply pick up a pre-made one at an arts and crafts store such as Michael’s. Add orange or yellow napkins and simple white plates to the setting and you’ve got instant fall in your dining area!
  2. Put mums in planters on your front steps. Add assorted gourds or pumpkins to create an even more interesting arrangement.
  3. Make a garland of corn husks. Simply string corn husks on a piece of twine and hang them wherever you like: your front door, across the top of an interior doorway, or along a fireplace mantel.
  4. Spruce up any space with autumn leaves. Give bookshelves, table tops or mantels a zest of fall by sprinkling autumn leaves among your knickknacks. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of drying leaves you collect in your backyard, head to your local craft store to pick up a pack of imitation ones.
  5. Make a magnolia wreath. Simply pick up a foam wreath form and wrap magnolia leaves around it. The leaves will dry in place. Then add a gold or white ribbon and you’ll have a streamlined, unusual wreath to hang.
  6. Create a classic cornucopia centerpiece. The horn of plenty is a long-standing symbol of the fall harvest. Purchase a cornucopia (they can be found in a variety of materials from traditional basketweave to metal) and fill it with gourds and corn husks. Place it on a table top or mantel to give a room a cozy, traditional feel.
  7. Get creative with pumpkins. Who says pumpkins have to be all orange? You can use acrylic paint to make pumpkins any color you want. Try black and gold stripes. Or make polka-dotted pumpkins for a more whimsical look. If you are artistically talented, you might want to make a pattern, such as a string of leaves or geometric shapes, on a pumpkin.
  8. Take advantage of acorns. Create a centerpiece with a base of silk leaves, a rustic looking candle in the center and acorns spread around the base of the candle. Or simply put acorns and some greenery into a glass bowl or even into champagne glasses.
  9. Make a cornhusk wreath. Take a  straw wreath form and hot glue Indian corn onto it with the husks pointing outward. Be sure to pick out corn that has big bold husks. The effect is a like a dramatic fall sunburst.
  10. Create leaf wall art. Collect your favorite fall leaves and press them between the pages of a heavy book. Then simply tape the leaves to crafting paper and hang a couple of rows of them using removable adhesive to create impact above a bed, sofa, television or any other blank spot on your wall. The crafting paper doesn’t need to be white. Colors and patterns can be equally effective.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What are your favorite fall decorating ideas?