Easter Eggs Minus the Mess

easter eggsI love Easter. Painting eggs is one of my favorite holiday activities of the year. I am always trying to find new ways to make my eggs look special, but with two kids who are constantly mixing colors and spilling dye, my kitchen floor tends to look a little more “special” than my eggs.

If you are hesitant about venturing into egg-dying territory,here are a few ways to decorate your eggs without having to rethink the color scheme in your kitchen:

Use bowls instead of cups: You may have to adjust the way you let your eggs dye, but bowls have a bigger base and consequently they are a little harder to tip over. If you don’t want to use bowls, consider using glass cups, which are heavier than the disposable glasses. Choose black or dark colored glasses and any permanent coloration from the dye won’t be noticeable.

Wrap your table in garbage bags:  I love garbage bags. You can use them for garbage, to create a poncho on a rainy day and couch cushion covers when potty training your little one. You can also cover your table with them when dying eggs (or painting) to catch spills. They are water resistant and easy to clean up.

Skip the dye: Instead of relying on the egg dye to color your eggs, try an alternative way of coloring eggs. One simple solution: tissue paper. Eggs should be prepared as usual (hard boiled and cooled). Use water to adhere colored cut pieces of tissue paper to the egg. Cut different sizes and shapes to create a stained glass look. You can even use this trick on Styrofoam, wood or plastic eggs using glue or Hodge Podge instead or water.

Use whipped cream: Coat hard boiled eggs with vinegar and set aside. In a deep bowl combine whipped topping with 10 drops of food coloring. You can either swirl several colors (slightly) or use separate bowls for different colors. Coat the eggs with a thick layer of the colored whipped cream. Store in fridge overnight. In the morning gently rub the whipped cream off with a paper towel and admire your handy work.

You can create fun, colorful Easter eggs this year without the mess. What are some ways you keep the egg-dying mess to a minimum?