Ear Piercing Babies?

Ear piercing babies

Ear piercing babies or young children, is it the parents’ choice or theirs? Hmm….? Well, originally I thought I’d see how people feel about babies getting their ears pierced, but as I started to type, I had a whole other thought…WHERE and HOW to pierce. First let’s hit the topic of piercing a baby’s ears. I am 100% against this.  I don’t feel that it’s right for a parent to alter a child’s body in such a way for no medical reason whatsoever. It’s purely for vanity. I think it should be left up to the child to decide whether she wants it done or not when she is old enough to make that decision. I would love to know WHY anyone would pierce their child’s ears at such a young age? Let’s hear it!

On to my second thought – where and how to get ears pierced – child (when they are ready!) or adult. AVOID piercing guns! I made the mistake of getting my daughter, Olivia’s ears pierced at the mall when she was 8. They didn’t heal right and I felt awful. I found this article about why going to a professional piercer is better than going to the mall: Don’t Pierce Your Daughter’s Ears at the Mall – so, I contacted the girl who did my piercings – Desiree, she works at The Quilian Tattoo in Allentown, PA, and Olivia and I headed to see her for a consultation.

After reading that article and speaking to Desiree, I was convinced having her ears pierced professionally was the right thing to do. On Olivia’s 9th birthday, my best friend Cherie and I took her to have her ears pierced by Desiree. Desiree had us come in before the shop opened – which I thought was extremely nice!

Having her ears prepped:

Piercing by professional

Did it hurt? Yup. Did it last long? Nope. Is she happy? Yup. And as a mother, I am so glad had it done the right way! Desiree posted this on the Quilian Tattoo Facebook page:

“Little miss Olivia here decided she was going to get her ears pierced the right way instead of going to the mall. She came in for a consult a couple months ago then came in today to get her earlobes done for her birthday. Happy Birthday Olivia! You did awesome!”

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