Drew Barrymore Says No Make-Up For Her Kid! (She Knows About This Stuff)

Yes, we think we’ll be going to Drew Barrymore a lot as she continues talking about being a mother. The former child star keeps making a lot of sense in her new role as Celebrity Mom. Just check out Drew recently talking to Us Weekly about how her 4-month-old daughter Olive shouldn’t be planning to wear make-up too early. “You should be a kid for as long as possible,” said Drew, and she knows what she’s talking about. A lot of people have probably forgotten that Drew was once a mess like Lindsay Lohan. In fact, the young actress–who inherited the most excessive genes of the legendary Barrymore acting family–was in rehab twice by the age of 14.  We’re also happy to say that Drew added that she still knows that little girls need to play with makeup sometimes. She’s not being all fanatical here. Just cautious, and we think Drew knows what she’s talking about….