OMG, It’s Drew Barrymore’s Kid!

Honestly, we didn’t know the world was clamoring for a picture of Drew Barrymore’s baby. It’s not like she’s a Kardashian or Beyonce. She’s a perfectly normal gal who went from being a troubled young actress to a successful movie star and film producer. Drew Barrymore is, in fact, a fine role model. Her mere existence probably inspires a lot of false encouragement to Lindsay Lohan. Anyway, it turns out that Drew is so low-key that it’s become a big deal when she finally goes out for a stroll in Manhattan with her husband Will Kopelman and their (almost) 4-month-old daughter Olive. They dress about as simply as we do for a walk in New York City, too. That’s kind of nice. Anyway, we now have pics of Olive, and we suppose it’s very exciting that we can confirm that Drew Barrymore’s daughter is perfectly adorable. We’re also happy to confirm that hubby Will is the son of Arie Kopelman, whose father used to be the CEO of Chanel. So, you know, Drew doesn’t have to worry that Will just married her for her money. It’s nice that she’s spared the burden that we face here at ModernDayMom, where we work while sitting on ergonomic stacks of money.