DIY Outdoor Games For Kids

DIY Outdoor Games

Do you remember going outside, making up your own games with friends and not having to come home until it was getting closer to dark? That was the best of times, wasn’t it? Now that you have kids of your own, it seems that it is getting harder to get them to play outside even for 10 minutes. When it has come to this, it’s time to get a little creative. Creating DIY outdoor games will get them motivated to trying out your new creation, one that they even helped make. These types of outdoor games will get them active and playing more often outside and not feeling bored.

Fun DIY Outdoor Games for Kids

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course can be made with everyday items that you may already have or that you can purchase for very little money at your nearest dollar store. You can set out hula hoops one after each other for jumping, make a balance beam so that the kids can show off their great balance talent or even create a mini mud run (if you don’t mind messy kids). Pool noodles, buckets, cones, anything that is safe for kids can be used for a makeshift obstacle course of fun.


An old time favorite that has been played since the beginning of time it seems. All you need is a level sidewalk and a piece of chalk. The object of the game is to get from one point to the next and back again without loosing your balance of hopping on any part of the lines. Quite simple for all kids to play.

Backyard Bowling

Grab some 2 liter bottles, fill them with some sand or gravel so they won’t blow over from a breeze and make your teams. If you want the bottle to resemble like bowling pins, you can paint them white with the red stripe and your’re ready to go. Get a bowl that is similar in size of a bowling ball, but a bit lighter and see how many strikes your team can make. Also, the kids may like glow in the dark bowling.

DIY Dunk Bucket

Need a new idea to keep cool during the summer heat, but still have fun. Well, you could make a water blob to relax on after doing the obstacle course, but how about target practice with your very own dunk bucket? If you or someone you know is handy with with the hammer, this can be one of the ultimate outdoor games for your kids and the neighborhood kids. Sit a person underneath the bucket of water and have another person toss a tennis ball at the target. Give each person three tries to dunk the person underneath the bucket. Grab these instructions and make your very own.

What DIY outdoor games do your kids love to play?

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