DIY Letterpress Salt Dough Ornaments

Saving money during Christmas is important to Laurie March, and luckily, she is here to show us how to make DIY letterpress salt dough ornaments where the only dough you need is the stuff in your kitchen. Laurie brings in DIY expert Erin Mallory from Hello Giggles to help make adorable ornaments with flour, salt, water, letter-pressed cookie cutters, glitter and ornament hooks.

Laurie and her friend Erin mix one cup of salt and two cups of flour. They add one cup of water and mix with a spatula until a dough ball naturally forms. Covering parchment paper with a little flour prevents sticking as the girls are working with the dough. Laurie rolls out the dough and uses the cookie cutter to make impressions on the dough.

Then the reverse side of the cutters is used to cut out the dough. Erin and Laurie show how to make holes in the top part of the dough to use for the ornament hangers, and the ornaments are ready for the oven. Laurie bakes them at 200 degrees for about two hours. Next, the ornaments are cooled and taken outside for spray paint.

Lastly, the women use glue and glitter to fill in the letters and finish up with an ornament hanger. Tweet your own letterpress salt-dough ornaments at @laurie_march!

Will you try these DIY dough ornaments?