3 DIY Cone Christmas Trees That Won’t Break the Bank

Alana Jones Mann and Craft On are here with great tips to make three DIY cone Christmas trees that won’t break the bank. Mann uses three paper mache cones, twine, plastic spoons, paper grocery bags, scissors and a glue gun to craft these beautiful little trees.

Tree one is made with paper bags. Mann cuts a brown paper bag in half and cuts the top half into strips. She adds a fringe by cutting the edge of the paper bag strip. Using the glue gun to add a thin strip of glue along the uncut edge allows Mann to wrap the paper bag strips around the cone until it reaches the top. Finally, she bends the fringe up to give the tree depth.

Tree two is made by cutting the handle off the plastic spoons and gluing them on the cone (cut side to the top). She continues to add spoons until she gets to the top for a spoon tree that is super easy.

For tree three, Mann uses twine to work her way around the cone, starting at the bottom. She adds about an inch of hot glue vertically at three points around the tree as she works her way up to a complete twine tree.

Will you make one of these cone Christmas trees?