Divorced? 3 Tips to Get Back in the Dating Scene

divorced mom dating tips dating scene

Going through a divorce, whether it’s a mutually agreed upon breakup or not, is tough enough on any woman.  However, the thought of getting back into the dating scene may be just as, if not more, terrifying.  Fret not, though, because it isn’t as bad as it may seem.  There are some basic tips for dating after a divorce that can help with the process, and perhaps help discover some new things along the way.

1 – Take Your Time

There is positively no rush at all to get your feet wet once again.  If you feel that you need some time alone before diving in, take this time to pamper and care for yourself every which way.  Perhaps a trip to a locale you’ve only dreamed of going to is exactly what is needed.  You may be just like Stella and get your groove back even faster by focusing on yourself, as well.

2 – Is It Time for a Makeover?

I was once married for 17 years and, after our divorce, I knew it was my time to hit a new stride in my life.  I got rid of so many of my old clothes and shoes, and I decided it was time for a new look to go with my new attitude and stage in life.  I’m sure glad that I did, too, since many of my clothes reflected a person I had been before the divorce.  Check your wardrobe to see if it needs some updating or just a change to reflect who you really are as an individual.  When you have some new duds to wear out on dates, it helps to set apart your old life from your new one.  Nothing is worse than wearing an outfit on a date that you wore to an event with your ex, thanks to all the old memories that have a tendency to creep up.  So, ditch the old look, and replace it with a fresh one.

3 – Just Say Yes

Say yes to every social opportunity that is presented to you.  This gets you out of the house and around people in different settings.  Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started, so begin with the easy things, such as going out with friends or co-workers.  With the holiday party season knocking on the door, this is a great time to get that new outfit talked about above, then set your sights on making a splash in new pools!

Overall, just remember to breathe and know that this is a process that may take as long or as short as you desire. It’s not a race to find the next date or partner, so just have fun again doing what makes you happy.  Making new friends and having new experiences will lead so many exciting directions.  Dating can be harrowing, but it’s rarely ever dull.  Bring on the fun!

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