Disney Releases Trailer for Upcoming Film FROZEN!

disney trailer for frozen

Sometimes we find it difficult to keep track of everything going on with Disney. One minute you think the world has enough animated movies and the next minute Disney says something like, “Actually, guys, we haven’t even come close to hitting all the different themes or plot lines or characters, yet. And don’t forget that every box-office success has to — we repeat: has to — have a sequel”. Well, they are the experts. If anyone knows how to keep kids entertained, it’s Disney. You have the absolute classics — you know, Aladdin, Cinderella, etc — and then you’ve got the wanna-be classics like Brave and Princess in the Frog. And then you have the let’s-do-something-different flicks like Monsters, Inc. and Cars. Oh, and then there are the ones that are supposedly sure-fire hits with your kids but somehow never make it to that Disney-level legacy. Remember Brother Bear 2 or Franken Weenie? Neither do we.

But we have to hand it to Disney — they really know how to please moms, dads, kids, grandparents, random people on the street, your boss, your kid’s kindergarten teacher, the next-door neighbor. Okay, you get the idea. Take Up, for example. That movie is as kid-friendly as it is adult-tear-wrenching. Anyway, right now a lot of the hype seems to be focused on Monsters University, which, shockingly enough, is the sequel to Monsters, Inc. But what we’ve just discovered is that Disney has recently released the trailer-before-the-trailer for Frozen, which, suitably, is coming to theaters next winter. Sure, that seems like ages away, but getting people insanely excited way before the fact seems to be what Disney does best.

The preview is under two-minutes long, but right off the bat, the killer animation is clear. The story line…not so much: A snowman — who looks way to skinny to be a snowman, but maybe he’s on a post-holiday diet — sniffs a flower, sneezes, and his carrot nose pops off onto a frozen pond. A moose — we think it’s a moose? — spots the carrot and a slippery race ensues. While the trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the plot, the winter-wonderland scenery alone justifies the title. But, as moms, it’s necessary to stay on top of all the new material that’s bound to have your kids jumping up and down in just a few months.