Disney Princess Cinderella Doll Is A Stealth Christmas Hit

Here’s something retro and adorable for this Christmas season. This adorable Disney Princess doll (which seems most easily found via Walmart) is meant for little girls ages 3 and up, but there is every reason to buy it for even a two year old. It’s actually pretty much perfect for a child’s first baby doll. When you stroke her belly, you hear the melody of a gentle lullaby which can relax your toddler for nap time. The doll also giggles when it “wakes up,” which sure encourages your toddler to wake up happy.

This doll is dressed in a beautiful and brightly colorful dress, with a pretty crown, a toy in one hand and a bow in the other. These items make for additional imaginative playtime. Unlike some other baby dolls this size, the Disney Princess Cinderella Feature Doll does not come with the frizzy hair that makes other dolls eventually look awful. The doll is sturdy and can handle the abuse a toddler can sometimes give her toys.

It’s no surprise that that this simple doll has managed to sneak into becoming a hot item. The price isn’t bad, either. This lightweight doll is usually selling for about $27 . It also comes with a blanket and plush toy, along with the required 2 AA batteries. The only real negative  is that it can be hard to get the crown to stay on her head–but this doll definitely deserves to be crowned as a Christmas find.