Disciplining Children in Public – Yay or Nay?

Disciplining Children in Public

How far do you go with disciplining children in public? Your children of course! Do you think you’re more subdued because there are people around? I know I am. At home, I am very outspoken and stern with my kids, but in public, I tone it down. I guess it’s because I really do not feel it’s anyone’s business what the issue is. However, I think doing that sends a mixed message. I mean, at home I can be a raving lunatic, but in public I’m like June Cleaver, LOL.

I remember one time when I was in the grocery store, I witnessed something over the top. A woman was yelling at her child and then she spanked him, which of course made him cry loudly, very loudly. Some random guy walking by her just gave her the ‘death stare’ and she looked right at him and said, “If you don’t mind your business, I’ll whoop your ass too!” Yes, my jaw dropped and yes, inside I was cracking up….But, the bottom line is, was that over the top disciplining necessary? I mean, at least she is ‘real’ – not like me, Miss. Fake in public.

The reality of it is for me, I guess, a bit embarrassing. I don’t want to reprimand my children in public, they’re supposed to behave, period. I also don’t want other people nosing in on my business and let’s face it, so many people love to chime in when it is clearly unnecessary. No matter wheat, someone is around to ‘parent’ other people’s children.

So I’m wondering, do you discipline in public the same way you do at home or are you like me, purposely toning it down to avoid attention from strangers? I have asked this question to some of my good friends, and so many say they are the same in public as they are at home. Although some have told me they use the, “just wait until we get home” line – because they’d rather not discipline in public.