Add Some Bling To Your Tree – DIY Sparkly Cupcake Ornaments

Before your guests arrive to your house for Christmas, be sure to add a special touch to your tree with this DIY ornament.

In the video above, Laurie March with her helper Erin Mallory Long is in the workshop sharing projects from this years HGTV celebrity holiday special. Working with chartreuse, navy, and copper, they created a delightful holiday décor for celebrity Kendra Wilkinson.

Start with a cupcake liner to begin making the cupcake, and use hot glue to stick it to the ornament ball. Use Elmer’s glue all over the top of the ball and sprinkle it with seed beads, glitter, and bigger beads to create the frosting.Top it off with a colorful bow and you’re done. All of these materials can be purchased at any craft store.

The copper-tipped garland is created with spray paint in warm colors to give it that special glow when the lights hit it at night. Only spray the tips of every two or three branches and let dry.
Do this project outside for better ventilation and to keep out those nasty paint smells, then bring it inside after it has thoroughly dried.

Think of the colors in your own home so that your ornaments will coordinate with your décor when you are making this for yourself. This sweet and easy project will look pretty and festive in your home.

Will you give this DIY ornament a try?