Dealing with Post holiday Depression


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There is some type of chaotic magic about the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Day that makes winter feel bearable. Once January 2 hits the adrenaline rush of the holiday season vanishes completely and we’re left with almost three months of cold and gloomy winter, without anything exciting to look forward to. The prospect of months of cold and clouds is enough to cause an onset of depression but compounded with coming off the holiday rush, it can often feel even worse.

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Post holiday Depression Information:

According to an article on Psych Central, almost a quarter of all Americans suffer from some form of post-holiday depression. Unless you suffer from another emotional problem that could make the winter blues worse, you can kick these blues with a few simple changes:

Make some goals: Whether you typically make New Year’s resolutions or not, setting a few big goals can make getting through the post-holiday season a little easier. Choose one or two big goals to focus on. Having goals that aren’t too easy to accomplish can encourage you to be more productive and leave less room for stewing in the blues. Make sure at least one goal is fun. It’s a lot easier to keep going if you are doing something you enjoy.

Get outside more: Hanging out in subzero temperatures aren’t fun for anyone and I’m not even remotely suggesting you sit outdoors until you get frostbite. But, spending a little more time outside in the sunlight is a great way to boost your mood. Try taking in as much sunlight in the morning as you can to boost your mood. The sunlight helps your body produce serotonin which makes provides more energy and reduces symptoms of depression, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Exercise: Exercise is an excellent mood booster and it’s good for your overall health. Not only does getting regular exercise boost positive hormones in your body, it can help lower blood pressure, increase brain power and improve your quality of sleep. Don’t worry about spending hours at the gym, even heading out for a 30 minute walk in the morning can help beat the winter blues.

Feel the love: One of the best ways to overcome the winter blues is to get an emotional boost. Spend a little extra quality time with your significant other for a little up-close and personal time or schedule an appointment with your besties for a day at the spa. Cold temperatures make it easy to seclude yourself in your home. No wonder people get depressed in the winter! Get out of your house, reach out and touch someone! Really.


Have you felt any post holiday depression?

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