The Best Way To Enforce A Curfew

It’s the nature of all human beings to desire to attain different forms of independence. Thus, as a parent, there will come a time when your young ones will desire to take up new responsibilities such as driving, taking up a part-time job or staying out late. When this time comes, the first thing you’ll have to do is enhance their safety and enforce curfews for kids.


  1. The first and ultimately the most important benefit of a curfew is that it increases a child’s safety. This is because with a curfew in place, chances of them driving at night, driving while drunk or engaging in irresponsible behavior will be eliminated. At the moment, traffic accidents are the number one cause of death among teenagers in US.
  2. When a curfew is in place, the kids get to have enough sleep. As a result, their overall health is enhanced and this is bound to reflect in their school grades.
  3.  A curfew will also help introduce your kids to the active nightlife and teach them how to be responsible. This is because in a few years time, they will be in college and will have the choice to do whatever they want. But, if you play your role right, you need not to be worried for by then they will have known how to remain accountable of themselves irrespective as to whether you are around or not.


To enforce a workable curfew and one that your children are going to respect, you have to be open for negotiations. Lack of negotiation may cause the kids to feel as though they are being “imprisoned” hence may cause them to rebel. So, when coming up with one, start with an early timing, like 10:30pm. It’s highly probably that they will want one that goes past midnight but, after negotiating, you can settle for one a bit later.

If you have more than one child, you can set the curfews based on their ages or simply, how responsible they prove to be. In case they fail to honor it, you can deduct time from their next curfews or, ground them.


Though the best time to start establishing curfews is when a child is in their teenage years – for this is when they start yearning for independence, it’s wise that you start earlier. The reasoning behind this is, impromptu rules are less likely to be received well. Thus, as soon as your child start attending night-time social events like dances or their friends’ parties, let them know that you be there to pick them by a certain time. To drive the message home, keep your word and be there to pick them before the agreed time for, it’s better to arrive early than late.


  1.  While establishing and enforcing a curfew, always take time to let the child know its importance. Also, let them understand that a curfew is a way of showing your love for them as you care about their safety and wellbeing.
  2.  Instead of dictating the terms of the curfew, create room for negotiations.
  3.  Lastly, install GPS on their cars and phones. These will come in handy when your child gets held up at an unknown place and you have to go look for them or pick them up.

Do you have any tips for enforcing curfews for kids?