Creating an At-Home Spa

at home spa

Between paying the bills, mommy-duty and work, I don’t have the time or money to head out for some relaxation at a spa… ever. But, I like to enjoy the relaxing benefits of getting a facial or manicure. When I have a little extra time, (meaning everyone else is sleeping), I can make use of that quiet time by turning my tiny bathroom into an at-home spa.

Light some candles:

Grab a few of your favorite scented candles and dim the bathroom lights. The low lighting makes it easier to relax and brings a spa-like atmosphere to your home. If you live in an apartment or you just don’t like candles, consider investing in a colored 25-watt light bulb and a cheap lamp. A stand-alone flashlight works too!

Choose the right jams:

If you don’t own any relaxing music, head to the library and grab a CD from the easy listening or new age section for some cool, instrumental songs. Keep the music low enough to be relaxing but loud enough to block out outside noise (like screaming children or a barking dog).


You may think about scented bath oils or rose petals to make your bath even more luxurious. Bubble bath is my weapon of choice because I’m too cheap to buy the expensive bath oils. Heaven knows if I did splurge, my kids would sniff it out like a hound dog and it would disappear down the toilet before I even had a chance to use it.

Get beautiful:

I’m a multitask-er at heart, so I like my relaxing time to work for me. I like to wash my face before hand and put on a face mask. You may also want to grab exfoliating soaps for your feet and hands or body oils to keep that relaxing feeling with you when you get out of the tub.

Invest in a bathrobe:

Nothing ruins the illusion faster than scratchy old towels. Invest in a soft towel you only use on your spa nights, or grab a soft bathrobe to wrap yourself in when the bath ends. Take an extra few minutes to enjoy the quiet before you head back out into the chaos.

Finding time to spend pampering yourself isn’t easy, especially when you have little ones running around. But, (I can tell you this from experience) a stressed out mama is going to have stressed out children. Make time to spoil yourself, at least once a week. Lock the bathroom door, turn up the music and enjoy a nice hot night at your own personal spa.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock