Your Friends, His Friends: How to Get Along

how to get along with your friends his friends - couples advice

It’s not always easy to figure out how to get along with your significant other’s friends, or have his friends get along with yours.  While some say it’s simply an issue of the “sexes”, it’s often more about the fact that there may not be any common interests between the two.  There are a few things to that may be done to ease the tension, or even find that common ground in order to make things more comfortable for all.

Listen and Observe

If his friends are around, either in your home or at another location, simply sit back and just listen and observe what they are talking about.  While this seems like a no-brainer, the art of listening may give some deeper insight into how to negotiate a conversation with them.  It may also give you a chance to find out some things about your significant other you never knew or missed before.  It may be treated as an open invitation to eavesdrop on their interactions and has the potential to be a highly educational experience.

Include Him or Give Him an Out

With the tables turned, and it’s now your significant other the lone man amongst a sea of your friends, don’t neglect to include him whenever you are able.  Sure, he may not be interested in the latest office gossip, or last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but he’s there beside you all the same.  Give him the same consideration he’s shown you by finding opportunities for him to join in on a conversation or give his opinion.  If all else fails, have a “Plan B” of telling him about something else he could be doing that he would enjoy more.  If there’s a game on that you know he would appreciate watching, give him the ability to go do that in another room, or in a more private area to watch on his phone.

Plan Events That Cater to All

When trying to get together with your friends, whether they are his, yours or both, do some pre-planning to make sure that as many avenues of entertainment that appeals to each group are made available.  Even doing a group game, such as the traditional Charades game, may bring everyone together for a great time.  Try not to be too exclusive, but focus on being more inclusive.  Group activities with a universal appeal are the best approach.

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