Cool Off With the Water Blob

plastic sheet - water blobThe water blob has become the “IT” thing for the summer. What is the water blob you may ask? Well, if you haven’t seen it circulating around yet on Pinterest or Facebook, it’s basically a piece of large plastic sheeting that you fill with water and the kids can play on. I made this twice, last year and the year before, for my kids and they really enjoyed it.

The water blob is like the best way to cool off without getting wet. It’s like floating on top of a water bed. There are two techniques that you can choose to create the water blob. The first method is by using duct tape which I had used. The second way is without duct tape, which has become the newest version.

Water Blob with Duct Tape


Duct tape (any color, design – make it fun!)
Plastic sheeting, 4 mil (any size)
Optional: confetti, blue food coloring


Fold the plastic sheeting in half. It doesn’t matter if it’s folded length wise or width wise.

Take your duct tape and begin to tape all the three sides closed, but leave a small opening to insert the water hose.

Place the hose inside of the sheeting to fill with water. Leave enough air within the blog to allow the water to move around freely.

Add blue food coloring and confetti. I used red and blue stars when I made this for the 4th of July. After the blob is full, use duct tape to close the opening.

Water Blob Without Duct Tape


Parchment paper
Plastic sheeting, 4 mil (any size)
Ironing board
Duct tape
Optional: confetti, blue food coloring


Take a piece of parchment paper and fold it length wise. Draw a line that is 2 inches from the fold. This will become your guide while you use your iron.

Fold your plastic sheeting in half, length-wise or width-wise, it is up to you. Lay the sheeting on your ironing board and the take the parchment paper and place the opening part of the plastic sheeting inside of it.

Start to run your iron across the parchment paper (the iron should be at it’s highest setting) and be careful to not to iron the plastic sheeting that is not in the parchment paper. It will be a big mess.

Press firmly on the iron and the plastic sheeting will begin to melt in between the parchment paper. Allow the plastic sheeting to cool a bit before removing the parchment paper.

Continue all the way around until the edges have been sealed.

Cut a small slit near the folded in of the plastic sheeting. Place your hose inside and begin to fill it with water. About half way full, add the food coloring and confetti and then continue filling.

Once it has become full and the water is able to move around inside of the blob, seal it off with a piece of duct tape.

Water blob without tape adapted via HomemadeToast.

Will you make a water blob this summer?


Photo Credit:  Thinkstock