Cleaning Up for the End of Summer: The Interiors

summer cleaning interiors

Oh, we had plenty of fun cleaning up all summer. We’ve kept the barbecue grill clean, and the pet hair was always sort of in control. Now, however, we need to think about packing away things for summer. Some of us already have children back in school. Others of us are already feeling the chill of autumn. Well, at least in the morning. So now it’s time to make our plans for cleaning up at the end of summer. It might not be a major event like Spring Cleaning, but we know it can catch up to you if you don’t start early. [photo via lifehacker]

Take a look at how the high-traffic areas in your home have suffered. Our summers get really active, and we often find a whole new array of carpet stains from the past three months. That’s when we break out the vinegar and water to soak the stains. We do some scrubbing with a damp cloth, let everything dry, and then vacuum. You should try the way.

Check out the pantry that’s stayed busy all summer while providing an extra amount of snacks. Do a thorough search to clean out empty packages and get rid of crumbs that might have accumulated over the past few months. Your refrigerator probably has a lot more crumbs than usual, too–and this is also a good time to check the expiration dates on things that haven’t been your summer favorites.

Gather up the beach towels and give them one more serious wash at the Hot setting. Well, at least the hot setting that’s best for the fabric. It’s a good idea to add some fabric softener. If you’re putting them in a dryer, then let the towels dry for a complete run.

Do you have a sleeping bag that enjoyed some use outdoors or at sleepovers? Maybe it saw some use at the beach? Turn it inside out and let the interior get nice and dry overnight. Shake the bag out, and then give it a good brushing or vacuuming. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for any interior soiling.

We consider cleaning and cleaning out to be the same thing, and this is a great opportunity to see how much clothes your kids have outgrown over the summer. You can also inventory how many of their clothes have been destroyed.

And while this is a little too much like Spring Cleaning for our liking, we know that the end of summer is still a great time to get a head start on the mold and mildew of winter. We like to do a thorough spraying and cleaning of our showers and basement. You might have your own trouble spots. Actually, this last task feels too much like the start of autumn–but it’ll still feel like summer if your kids are around and you make them help. Good luck with that!