Cleaning Products You Actually Need! [The Essentials, Part 2]

essential cleaning products dusting part 2

We’ve covered vital cleaning products for the bathroom and the kitchen. In fact, they were vital enough to make us forsake cleaners I had been using for years!  In the process, we got rid of all the old bottles of cleaning agents that didn’t impress me – but were still cluttering up my cabinets and my life.  [photo via farm8]

Our new favorite dusting product is Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes.  Not only are these great for wood, but also other surfaces like plastic or glass.  They leave mirrors streak free and have a nice scent!  We’ve even used these in the bathroom and kitchen when we’ve been out of Green Works Wipes.  While these are more for quick cleaning, we do like to use Method’s Wood for Good Polish on end tables and other wooden furniture.  It isn’t greasy like other wood products, and it has a pleasant almond smell.   This makes our hardwood floors shiny without being slippery.   Another item we can’t do without is Gain Dryer Sheets.  Any brand would probably do, but we really love the way these smell!  After we wipe the baseboards and blinds with these, they are both more resistant to dust. That means cleaning less often.

We know it’s no surprise that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser made the cut. It’s removed crayon, scuff marks, and many different kinds of stains.  In fact, we don’t think there’s a limit to what it can remove!  That’s much like another favorite: Folex Carpet Spot Remover.  It easily removes food, drink, and pet stains from carpet–just as its name suggests.  We’ve also used Folex to remove permanent marker from upholstery, and even stubborn stains from shirts!  We’re sure it has other uses that we haven’t discovered yet.  And a simple generic baking soda is a must and has many uses around my house.  I like to sprinkle it on the carpet, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up.  This is an easy way to neutralize pet and other odors.

Our favorite cleaning item of all is Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner.  Put an ounce or two in a large spray bottle then fill it with water.  We mostly use this when we have to clean quickly and want everything to smell really great. It cleans all countertops, wood, plastic, and glass.  We’ve even sprayed it directly on the couch, chairs, and bed to freshen them up!  Fabuloso’s Ocean Paradise Scent leaves a long lasting smell that everyone really likes, so we’ve used it in every room of the house.  Sunset Spice is also nice around the holidays. One big WARNING, though: Fabuloso has pretty horrible packaging that makes it look just like a fruit drink. It’s easily the Cleaner Most Likely To Be Mistakenly Gulped Down By A Child Or Adult. Keep it locked up.

So that’s a total of thirteen cleaning products for the entire house. Hopefully, this inspires you to go through your cabinets and throw away all your mediocre cleaners.  Maybe you’ll even try a few of the ones we can’t live without. We’ll admit that a few of them are interchangeable. You might even end up with less than thirteen–but we dare you to try!