Getting Organized in 2013: The Shoes Challenge (For Mom’s Shoes)

Many (well, most) women say they can never have too many shoes. That comes at a cost, though. In many cases, a collection of footwear is a considerable investment that deserves attention as well as proper storage and organization. When the closet becomes overrun, it becomes essential for appropriate organization. Because there are many types of shoes in a woman’s wardrobe, storage and organization style are rather diverse–some simple, some rustic, and some a little more crafty. Either way, there is a solution for every one, every space, and every shoe type.   [GuessTheMovie!]

Under The Bed

Many take the minimal space under the bed for granted. Those with little to no closet space can finally start to appreciate it. When combined with flat storage containers, multiple pairs of shoes can be kept in an out of the way place, yet be easily accessible when needed. Using clear storage containers keep the shoes free from dust and scuffs or scratches, but also make it easier to find just the right pair because each of them is visible.

Over The Door

Over the door storage is another way to have multiple pairs of shoes in one place and keep them at hand. There are many types of hanging storage systems available, many of which will fit necessity and of course, décor. Depending on choice of style, the majority of over the door hangers can also be mounted on the wall, creating another storage option for the fancy footwear.

 In The Closet

Obviously, shoes should be in the closet with the rest of the clothes. Providing there is adequate space, the closet holds a good number of potential storage options. Shelves and racks are a classic and simple way of organizing shoes, but require the space to do so. When space is lacking, there are hanging shoe racks that have the ability to store multiple pairs of shoes in a smaller closet, without creating clutter.

Just For Heels

The more creative types can opt for a cute solution just for the collection of shoes that has a heel. A simple refurbished ladder can be leaned against the bedroom wall and the heels can be hung over the rungs. Also, larger crown molding can be affixed to the wall to create a new space for the heels. Just choose the appropriate molding, paint, hang, and VOILA! More space to display high heels or any other heeled shoe.

Flip Flops, Sandals, and Flats

Organizing and storing flip flops, sandals, and flats can be quite simple as well. Because of their design, multiple pairs can be stored in one container. There are a variety of hanging racks specific to the flatter styled shoe. Magazine racks give another option when storage space is limited.