4 Christmas Packing Hacks That’ll Blow your Mind

Ah, Christmas is over. So what does that mean? Time to start packing away the decorations. And you’re in luck! In the video above, Janell Inez bring us great packing hacks on how to store Christmas decorations in an inexpensive and efficient way. Inez shows two ways to store ornaments. The first way is to recycle apple cases which will hold four ornaments each. Janell next demonstrates how to turn cardboard, plastic cups and a plastic bin into a two level ornament container with a little cutting and hot glue.

Next, Janell shows a clever way to organize strings of lights. She trims the box top to fit into the box. Just wrap lights around the box top, and then place into the box for organized and tangle free storage.

The Handy Ma’am also shows how to wrap up your Christmas tree with regular plastic wrap! This saves time by storing the entire tree instead of taking it apart every year. Lastly, Janell shows how to make a ribbon and gift wrap organizer out of a clear garment bag and a four level hanger with detachable rows.

She just places ribbon rolls on the first two or three rows and places the tissue over the last hanger. By placing the hanger in the garment bag, Janell has a clever and inexpensive bag that has wrapping supplies and can hold rolls of wrapping paper as well.

Do you know of any Christmas packing hacks?