How To Clean A Christmas Tree (And Other Helpful Holiday Tips)

The holidays are a joyous time for everyone. It’s all about the people, the spirit, and the food. It’s the one time of the year that you shouldn’t be consumed with thoughts of stress and burdens. Like cleaning. Especially like cleaning, in fact. The good news is that we have a short but smart list of fast tips for handling holiday disasters of all kinds. Print and save this list, because we’re pretty sure that you’ll need to refer to it later on!

How To Clean Broken Christmas Lightbulbs

Don’t let a few broken Christmas lights ruin your holiday cheer–but don’t throw them out just yet either. Carefully remove each broken lightbulb, and replace them with a bulb from the same brand. Remember to follow the instructions when replacing the bulbs to prevent a fire.

How To Clean Tinsel Off A Tree

If you want to recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays, you’ll need to make sure that the tree is completely free of ornaments, lights, and tinsel. Removing the ornaments and lights is easy. Removing tinsel, however, can be a nightmare. The easiest way to get it done is by using a hairbrush to “brush” the tinsel off each branch.

How To Clean The Pine Needles

There is nothing better than having a fresh Christmas tree in your house. Unfortunately, nature has a way to ruin the fun for you. The easiest way to clean a mess of fallen pine needles is by using a powerful vacuum with a bristled attachment. If the mess is on a stone or hardwood floor, you’ll be able to simply sweep everything up.

 How To Clean Shards From Glass Ornaments From The Floor

Shattered glass that’s embedded in the carpet presents a dangerous situation. That’s why most of us have given up on glass ornaments. We can’t stop being sentimental about some of them, though. If you do end up with shattered ornaments, then start by cleaning up any medium to large pieces of glass with gloved hands. That’s before you run a vacuum over the area.

How To Keep Outdoor Christmas Lights From Falling Down

Don’t let the wind blow your outdoor holiday light display down. Fix your lights up on the eaves with basic wooden clothespins, and keep them in place on banisters or railings with zip ties.

How To Keep Holiday Inflatables From Blowing Away

Keep your large inflatable decorations in place all season long by anchoring the decoration to the ground with stake and tether. Push the stake further into the ground until it’s secure. And don’t forget to keep the fan off when not in use. And don’t act like nobody would forget that, okay? It’ll hurt our feelings.