Kids Love Valentine’s Day! (Or They Will With The Right Party)

children valentine's day party for kids

We’re going to show off our statistical skills and reveal that Valentine’s Day usually falls on a weekday. That’s great for school parties, but you and your child can also find a way to celebrate February 14th in the evening. If planned correctly, your child can throw a Valentine’s Day party that’s lots of fun–even on a school night. Plan for the party to start around 6pm and allow about two hours. This way, the children will all have eaten supper before they come and can be home in time for bed. We’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to make your kids’ Valentine’s Day party a success.


This is the easy part. Cut heart shapes out of red, pink and white construction paper. Print the party details on one side of the heart with a marker and fold the heart in half. Seal with a Valentine’s Day sticker and write the recipient’s name on the outside. Have your child hand them out at school.


While the kids are at school, decorate the party area with red, pink and white balloons and streamers. Plaster the walls with hearts and cupids, too. You can even choose some of your child’s favorite music to play softly in the background.


Before the children get home from school, bake several batches of plain sugar cookies. There’s no need to go all out for this; simply purchase the rolls of sugar cookie dough at the grocery store, slice and bake. Fill several sandwich bags with red, pink and white frosting. Cut just the tip off one corner to make a “pastry bag.” Have a few different types of sprinkles and candies available for the kids to decorate their cookies. Set this all up in the kitchen or dining room where it’s easy to clean up after. The kids will love using their imaginations and can even take their creations home with them at the end of the party!


Since the children should have eaten supper before arriving at the party, you shouldn’t have to supply much for them to eat. Finger foods such as veggie or fruit trays should be sufficient. If you want to serve something Valentine’s Day themed, either bake or purchase some red and pink cupcakes–one for each child. Since this is an evening party, you may not want to serve anything with caffeine or a lot of sugar. Stick to fruit juices or flavored water. You could even make a sparkling punch that contains white diet soda since there’s no caffeine or sugar in it.

Make sure the parents of your child’s guests understand that the party ends promptly at 8pm. This way, everyone is on time and all the children will be gone so your child can unwind and relax a few minutes before heading to bed. Cleanup shouldn’t be too hard and can be done the next day if you’re too tired to do it that night. Throwing a party like this is sure to score some points with your child’s friends. It will be the talk of the school the next day!