What To Do When Your Child Is Struggling In School

Struggling in school

School is not easy. Your child is not only dealing with the social demands of an educational environment, they also have a wide variety of information thrown at them every day and are expected to repeat it back and excel. So, it makes sense that your child will hit a few bumps on their academic road. But when your child only seems to be struggling in school, then it’s time for a new approach. Your child is smart and capable, they just may need a new way of doing things.

Think about when you are faced with a problem you can’t solve. It is frustrating! The same goes for your child. When they are having trouble, recognize that this is a frustrating situation and let them feel those feelings. Their anger is not about you. Many times when a child is plugging away with no success, they feel alone and misunderstood. Their outbursts towards you is their way of making you feel as helpless as they do. You child is asking you to go on this journey with them. Here is how you can.

Take a break

When your child is discouraged to the point of anger, stop what you’re working on and let them experience those feelings. Your child will have time to think about why they reacted that way, and how they would like to move forward. When you return to the work you will both feel calmer and better prepared to tackle the work ahead of you.

Talk It Out

Wait until after this break to try to discuss your child’s behavior. Trying to have a rational discussion in the heat of the moment will only lead to an emotional response. When you give your child time to think, they will then be able to better express their feelings to you clearly. When you understand their feelings, then you can understand a solution.

After all the time and attention you put into finishing homework, it makes sense that you would want to know that the work is correct. However, when you act as teacher by correcting their work, their teacher doesn’t know what your child needs to be taught. Homework is a way for the teacher to see what your child has gotten out of their class and what needs to be improved. If they don’t see anything that needs to change, nothing will.

Ask For Help

If all else fails, contact the school. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and demanding it as soon as possible. Your child may need more attention in class or a different approach to learning. Resources are available to give your child what they need to excel. All you have to do is ask.


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