My Child Is Ready For Kindergarten, But I Am Not

Your little one has probably been clamoring to attend school since he was able to pick up a little book bag and sling it on his back. School represents a new excitement for small children with all the importance we put on being a big kid and going to school, all the bright colors and activities and the excitement of playing with peers during the day. However, while your little ones are ready to finally start school and can’t contain their excitement, mom and dad may be dreading the day their baby enters into the “big kid” world. What should one do when my child is ready for kindergarten,  but you’re not? Here are some tips to get you through!


Anxiety Check

Do a quick anxiety check. Sure, you will feel anxious and worried about your baby beginning school. It’s daunting to register, fill out papers and get everyone ready to start school, and if this is your first child, it’s all new and scary. Be careful not to project your anxiety onto your child. They may be nervous themselves about what is going to happen at school. Conversely, they may be perfectly happy about going to school, but if they see you (who they love the most) extremely emotional and upset about them going to school they may feel guilty for enjoying school so much knowing how miserable you are at home. Kids worry about mom and dad, so put on your brave face and “fake it until you make it!”

Take Some Me Time

After the initial shock of not having your five-year-old at home every morning running and playing to keep you busy, enjoy a little time for yourself. Take some me time and visit the library, local coffee shop or take a walk in the park. Just thirty minutes or so to reflect and compose yourself could be the key to learning to enjoy a little time on your own. Soon you will adjust and use the time for getting much needed chores and errands run without little ones in tow, but make sure to take a little “me” break occasionally. Taking care of ourselves actually makes us better parents in the long run.

Volunteer at the School

You will probably want to keep that connection with your little one even when they are in school. You can easily accomplish this. Volunteer at the school and you will be in the building on occasion and involved with what your child is doing and learning. Joining the PTA is an excellent way to volunteer and help your teachers have a great year. You can also volunteer in the library or in your child’s classroom depending on the requirements of the school. If you are a working parent, save a couple of personal days so you can volunteer to chaperone on the class field trips or organize and host a class party.

Feeling my child is ready for kindergarten, but I am not is a miserable way to start a school year.  Try these tips to stay connected and involved with your child’s school, enjoy a little me time and help your child feel confident and happy in their new school environment.

Did you have any fears about sending your child to kindergarten?