Awesome (And Affordable!) Travel Gifts Under $50

Thinking about what gifts to get for your wanderlust-stricken loved one(s)? Regardless of whether they’re a professional whom is always on the go for business or if they are a recreational traveller, travel gifts are a great idea. Giving your beloved the right travel gift can enhance their traveling experience immensely. For travelers, the right gift is one that keeps on giving, even if the price is under $50.

Consider the load that your loved one carries when they travel and what gifts could possibly lighten it. Most airlines let passengers bring a carry-on bag, but the size, depth, and storage space of that bag can make a huge difference in terms of how much stuff they can bring on board with them. Look for bags that are deceptive in the best ways, especially ones with a lot of hidden compartments and holders. Bags like these allow passengers to bring more gadgets and books along as well as whatever else they’d like have during their trip. Shop around online and you’re bound to find bags being sold for cheap.

Frugal Gifts For the Savvy Traveler

Speaking of books, look for ones that could improve your loved one’s travels. If a book is good, then it will allow the reader to explore more of that country than they would have if they hadn’t read it. If your friend is traveling to France, buy him a book that contains an annual list of the best food venues in France. If your friend who loves history is traveling to New Orleans, give her a book that details all of the historical sites in the area. A book is an especially great gift if your friend is traveling to certain locations for highly specific reasons. If your friend often travels alone and you’d like them to be safe, purchase them a book like The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker that will teach them how to spot and evade predators. E-books are another great gift choice because not only are they cheaper, but they are also compact and don’t take up physical space.

Another gift that keeps on giving? A dictionary! Perhaps your loved one is planning on staying in a non-English speaking country for an extended period of time. Not having a firm grasp of the country’s native tongue can complicate things, especially if they’re visiting a place that isn’t frequented by tourists. A translated dictionary should prove to be highly useful and is under $50. Your gift can open new worlds for them by simply helping them learn a simple phrase like “Where is the bathroom?” or various greetings and phrases used in conversation.

If you’re not still sure, take the safe route and give them a $50 Visa or Mastercard gift card. This way, they can choose their own gift while they are abroad. They’ll definitely appreciate the luxury that you’ve afforded them!

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What are some of your favorite travel gifts?