4 Inexpensive And Easy Birthday Party Ideas

Think your kid’s birthday party has to be a lavish, over-the-top affair that breaks the bank? Think again. You can have just as much fun a great party at a fraction of the cost. Check out these inexpensive and easy birthday party ideas.

easy cheap kids birthday party ideas

The Backyard Barbecue

Invite kids and their families over for an easy, casual backyard barbecue. Plan a simple menu: hamburgers, hotdogs, salads and chips. Ice a chest of beverages and all you need to get are the birthday cake and presents. As for entertainment, there are some easy yard games to organize: a game of tag, sack races, or grab some inflatable beach balls. Plan the party from about 4-6, which will take care of dinner and wrap things up so you can clean up before bedtime.

The Bowling Party

The cost for a game of bowling for a child is just a few dollars, so head to the lanes and have some fun! Most bowling alleys have “bumpers” they can put on the sides so that no one gets a gutter ball. Ask about bringing your own snacks and the cake – some places will have rules that they provide food and drink, but most will allow for birthday treats from outside. This is another party that’s easy on your wallet and will last about 2 hours.

Party At The Park

Similar to the backyard party, gather up friends and plan your next birthday party at the park. The biggest advantage is having playground equipment for the kids to play. If your park has a pavilion or covered picnic area, you may need to reserve it for a nominal fee. As for food, you can grill burgers or hot dogs, or you can have pizza delivered right to the park. As for cleanup, it’s as easy as filling the dumpster right on site.

Party At The Pool

This option is great, provided you have enough adult supervision so that everyone is safe in the water. Head out to a public swimming pool for a water-themed birthday party! Invite parents to swim with their kids, and start with a few games in the water before cake and presents. The kids will love playing in the water – plus, this party works well for kids with winter-time birthdays when it’s difficult to be outdoors. Again, be sure you have enough adult supervision to ensure the kids are safe. A pool with an on-duty lifeguard will also be helpful. Admission to the pool will only be a few dollars, and most facilities will offer a group rate for your party.

Whatever you’re planning for your kid’s birthday party, consider these cheap and easy birthday party ideas that are sure to please. Most of them require a little planning and creativity, but not much money. Remember, the important thing is that your child gets quality play time with friends; it’s not about spending money. You’ll save some money and still enjoy a fun and memorable party for the kids.

Do you know of any inexpensive and easy birthday party ideas?