Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day on a budget

I used to hate Valentine’s Day. Truly. I even went so far as to make signs for my college apartment declaring it “Single’s Awareness Day,” because I always seemed to be single every time Valentine’s Day rolled around. On the plus side, I never had to spend any dough on some college guy I was sort-of-dating.

Once I finally got married, my husband was still a college student (and I’d just started my first post-college job) so we were broke. We’ve had two kids since and have been living on a budget, so luckily I’m well-versed in budget-friendly Valentine’s Days.

If you are looking to save a little moolah this Valentine’s Day here are a few ways to keep the love flowing without breaking the bank on this holiday:

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Take a time machine: Pull out your old wedding/dating photos, light some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner at home as you take a walk down memory lane. You can even pop in some old family videos or your wedding video and you toast to another year together.

Make a mixed CD or other personal gift: If you need to save a little cash, go kind of old-school and reinvent the mixed tape. Create a CD with songs that remind you of your significant other. You can even print off a customized CD case cover and add a personal note on the inside. Another fun idea is to get a treasure chest or pretty box (check the dollar store for some great finds) and fill it with their favorite candy and strips of paper listing 100 reasons you love them.

Movie Night: I love movie night. It’s actually our favorite date-night ever. We usually get addicted to a Netflix show and watch two or three episodes (Chuck and Once Upon a Time are our current favorites). Mix it up by planning “his and her night”. Let him pick and action movie and you get to watch your favorite romantic comedy. Make sure to stock up on some treats and feel free to let your inner-child out and build a fort-for-two in the living room.

Get cozy by the fireplace: Light that fireplace and roast some marshmallows right in your living room. (We don’t have a fireplace so we frequently make s’mores over our stove). Turn on some romantic movie and cozy down for a nice, quiet evening. Add a board game with a clothing-optional twist to kick things into the romantic gear.

Make the day special for the little ones too: One of our favorite traditions is to decorate the house while the kids are asleep the night before Valentine’s Day. We usually cut out red and pink hearts and hang them on the walls. We also use fishing line and hooks to hang them from the ceiling. Grab some pink, red and white streamers from the dollar store and go to town. Our kids love waking out to the Cupid Fest and its fun for us to decorate together.

What are some ways you celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget?

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