Celebrate National Junk Food Day – With a Healthy Twist

healthy junk food

Potato chips, sodas, cookies, candy, french fries and Twinkies. You name it, you can find literally hundreds of junk food items out there in the store. I must admit, I can sit and eat a bag of chips in one sitting if it’s my favorite kind and that is not good at all. Junk food isn’t bad as long as you are not eating it so much of it each day. As they say, a little goes a long way.

Everyone has their own interpretation of what junk food is to them, but did you know that there is actually a celebration for junk food? Yep, July 21st is National Junk Food Day, however, instead of chowing down on those unhealthy fats that make you feel ugh, you could give the day a healthy twist on junk food. Yes, I know that slice of cake or chocolate is pretty tempting, but don’t doubt me yet because there are some great healthy “junk food” that you would enjoy.

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food


Sweet Potato French Fries – Better than the original

Yes, I know I mention french fries as being junk food, but these aren’t ordinary fries from the frozen food section or you fast food place. Sweet potato fries are actually healthy for you because they can prevent high cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular health. When they are oven baked, they sweetness will be brought out and you may not want to go back to ordinary, greasy fries.

Popcorn – Hold the butter and salt

Popcorn is a healthy junk food if you didn’t know already. However, when you add things such as salt, butter, cinnamon and other spices, it can become less healthy. Making popcorn will take no time at all. Just grab a pot, add a small amount of oil and some kernels and you will have a nice serving of warm, healthy popcorn.

Switch Ice Cream with Frozen Yogurt

Fresh fruit is the healthiest food that grows and then combine it with some yogurt, it’s just about the best thing in the world. The best way to create frozen yogurt is mixing 4 cups of your favorite frozen fruit such as strawberries or peaches, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt and a couple of tablespoons of honey for sweetness. Combine it in a food processor and then serve immediately.

What favorite junk food will you be eating on National Junk Food Day?


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