Cabin Fever Survival Guide

cabin fever

Doing the same thing over and over again can be, well boring, especially when you are cooped up in the house for whatever reason. What you are probably getting is cabin fever and yes, it is very real. If you haven’t experienced cabin fever before, then you are pretty lucky and may just have a better way of dealing with it. Yet, there may be some that just don’t know what to do, other then twiddle their thumbs when cabin fever has entered their home.

Beat cabin fever

Stay healthy and exercise

It can be difficult to stay motivated to exercise when the weather is going to be bad for a few days. Half the time you just want to lay about and sleep when you’re just not able to venture outdoors like you want. However, it’s best to try to keep up the routine of exercising or even start off with something small. Picking the best exercise for you can be more fun then doing what everybody else is doing and not enjoying it. There are many exercise videos that you can find right on YouTube that can give you a great workout, plus they are free.

Host a Party

If you don’t mind having a few friends or family members over to your house, hosting a small get together can bring fun, laughter and probably one of the best days you may have had in a long time. It doesn’t even have to be just for dinner as you can host a brunch, lunch or even a small tea party. Potlucks are great for such parties as everyone can bring their favorite dish and you can sample different things.

Get Busy in Your Home

No, not that type of “getting busy”. This is a great time to spruce up your home a bit or do some DIY projects that you have been promising yourself or spouse you are going to complete. Taking the time to freshen up the look of your home will probably have you keep finding little side projects to follow through with and your home will look great at the end. Have the whole family join in for a bit of organizing and cleaning. You’ll never know, they may actually enjoy the tasks.

Binge Watch Television Shows

Cabin fever is the best time to catch up on your latest television series. You know the ones that everyone else is constantly talking about, but you may not have any time to watch. You may just want to watch an entire series over because it was that good. Netflix, Amazon or Hulu are the best choices to find your favorite series.

What do you do for cabin fever?

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