Bubble Wrap Crafts – A Wacky Idea

Crafting With Bubble Wrap

Have you ever thought to make crafts from bubble wrap? I didn’t either. The only thing I know about bubble wrap is to hurry up and take out the items that are rolled up in them so that I can sit down and pop the little bubbles. Even if you don’t get packages stuffed with bubble wrap, you can purchase it at your local craft shop and create some of these crafts below. These may be way more fun than popping those tiny bubbles. Well, maybe.

Our top picks – bubble wrap crafts:

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

This is a great idea for those too cold or rainy days to go outside. You can use a heavy stock paper that is large enough to step on and tape down a piece of bubble wrap on top that is the same size. Make sure to number the square and you and the kids are all set for a fun indoor game of hopscotch.

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

A toilet paper tube, paint and paper bag will create Indian corn that you can set out to decorate your table for the fall or Thanksgiving. You can use black, yellow, orange and brown paint to color in the bubbles to make them look like kernels on corn.

Bubble Wrap Necklace

Mom, this is just for you. Have a delicate looking necklace with a few pearls and no one would know that it was made from bubble wrap. The secret is fusing the bubble wrap using the heat from an iron and it will have a seashell kind of texture to it. You can even use different colors of bubble wrap to create different looks. This is one craft that I would not have thought that bubble wrap could be used.

Bubble Wrap Bracelet

Another jewelry piece that you can make from bubble wrap and use the fusing technique. With this craft, you would add in cellophane to give the bracelet more sparkle and color when the light hits it in different directions. This could be a nice gift to make for your daughter and it looks easy to make.

What other crafts have you seen using bubble wrap?

Image: istockphoto