Bringing Sexy Mom Back


Upon becoming a mother, many things we once did for ourselves tend to go to the side in favor of other things. Going to a salon on a regular basis is often traded in for a regular ponytail. Nice clothes are replaced with food-smeared and stained sweats and t-shirts. There may even be days when we forget, or run out of time, to take a shower. After a while, it takes its toll on us. What does a mom do in order to recharge herself and become a “sexy mom”?

It’s a bit outrageous to say that we should all be like Victoria Beckham and take our children to school in six-inch stilettos and couture clothes, but we can take a few queues from her. We may not have the resources to pamper ourselves as much as we once did before we had kids, but there’s nothing wrong with brandishing some pieces of clothing that are both functional and sexy. A good fitting pair of jeans to highlight our best feature from the waist down is something that can be thrown on before heading out the door, as well as finding some comfortable yet stylish shoes that don’t resemble Crocs. Granted, Crocs has come out with a new line of small wedge styles, so even an upgrade to that may do your psyche some good.

And, speaking of psyche, looking good is really based on feeling good. What makes you feel good about yourself? If having a nice manicure and/or pedicure is the sure-fire answer to making you happy about how you look, then find a way to make a date for yourself to go out and get one on a regular basis. If that’s not possible, find a way to do your own at home. That not only saves money, but allows you the flexibility to feel good whenever you need the boost instead of just during salon hours.

For some women, they swear by the idea of wearing racy lingerie at all times, even underneath their sweats and t-shirts. You know it’s there, and that gives you a sense of sexy without having to show it off. It may even affect how you walk, talk, and move. It’s all an attitude and a state of mind! If you haven’t tried it, give it a go and see how it changes your perspective.

When it comes to how your hair looks, especially when you have a baby or toddler, function almost always trumps fashion. There are small yet significant ways of upping the sexy factor on that without breaking the bank or putting too much of a crimp in your time. Finding a fun and exciting new hair color to do at home is a great way to play with your looks, and you can go with a temporary or semi-permanent color to avoid that long-term commitment. For those of you with longer hair who normally look to pull it up and out of the way, try finding fun hair sticks to use instead of a scrunchie or hair band. Consider some unusual or ornate chopsticks for that job, since they work just as well.

You can find simple ways to up your hot, sexy factor as long as you remember to listen to yourself and do what makes you feel good. Give to yourself every once in a while, and that will recharge your batteries to be able to give to others, including your husband or partner. But, sometimes, you just need to do it for yourself, so go and start bringing sexy mom back!

Photo credit: Thinkstock