Brad and Angelina Have A Place Where Their Kids Go Wild [VIDEO]

We probably shouldn’t admit being fascinated by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their sprawling ensemble of six children. We promise that it’s not because of gossipy things like how Jennifer Aniston is feeling about the whole thing today. We don’t want to seem cold, but it’s not really easy for us to worry too much about the entwined lives of multimillionaires.

What we do obsess over, though, is things like how Brad and Angelina can show up with their family at movie premieres and have all those kids acting like perfect darlings. Remember those pics when the whole family got off a flight to Japan, and everybody seemed to be really chipper and happy? Yes, we know that Brad and Angelina don’t quite travel like we do, but it’s still pretty amazing that nobody seems frazzled. We’ve had nervous breakdowns over 90 minutes in the air. Not always, but you know what we mean. Anyway, this video reveals that Brad and Angelina have one special place where their kids go wild, and we find the idea totally charming. See for yourself…