Reading Roundup For ASPCA Day!

This coming April 10th is ASCPA Day, marking the 147th anniversary of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It was the first humane society ever established in North America, and today it is the largest in the world. The organization was founded on the belief that animals deserve kind and respectful treatment at the hand of humans and should be protected under the law. This ASPCA Day, we’ve rounded up a collection of children’s books that can help parents teach their children about caring for animals properly–whether we’re talking about pets or just a stray they see on the street…


Dogfish by Gillian Shields; Illustrated by Dan Taylor

 In this book, a little boy wants a dog, but for practical reasons, his mother says no. Besides, he has a perfectly good goldfish, and she can’t understand why this isn’t good enough. This story follows along as the little boy uses his imagination to find ways to interact with his goldfish. In the end, his pet isn’t just a goldfish–he’s a dogfish! (Recommended for ages 2+)

 My Cat Just Sleeps

My Cat Just Sleeps–written and illustrated by Joanne Partis

 The little girl in this book desperately tries to get her cat to do something other than sleep. She just can’t understand why her cat sleeps all the time when all her friends seem to have fun, active pets. Children will love following along as she does several things (including pinning up illustrations on how to dig worms!) to motivate her sleepy cat. This book will give children realistic expectations for owning a pet cat. (Recommended for ages 2+)

 Harry & Hopper

Harry and Hopper by Margaret Wild; Illustrated by Freya Blackwood

 Children and their pets often become inseparable friends as they grow together. In this book, the author writes about a boy and his dog that do everything together until the day the dog dies. Grief stricken, the boy becomes depressed and his father helps him to cope and say goodbye. Although an emotional story, the words in this book may help a child understand the bereavement process and make it easier to cope with the loss of a beloved pet. (Recommended for ages 4+)

 Let's Get A Pup

Let’s Get a Pup! By Bob Graham

When Kate asks her (tattooed and pierced) hipster parents if they can get a puppy, the family decides to visit the local rescue center. They pick out a puppy named Dave and fall in love with an older dog named Rosie. The story follows the family in learning how to care for Dave, and eventually going back to the shelter to get Rosie. This book is a great tool for teaching young children about the responsibilities of owning a pet. (Recommended for ages 4+)

The New Puppy

The New Puppy by Anne Civardi; Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright

 This simple story follows the Appleby family as they take care of their new puppy, Shrimp. The children in the story are very active in the care of the new puppy and love taking care of her. This book is a great way to introduce children to the responsibilities of caring for a new pet. (Recommended for ages 1+)