Bombs Away for Bomb Pop Day!

National Bomb Pop Day June 27 i

If there’s one thing that all kids love in the summertime, it’s a Bomb Pop. That’s probably why someone decided to put Bomb Pop Day  at the end of June–specifically, on June 27th. It makes sense to us. It’s a classic treat and has been a must-have for decades. Six decades, to be exact. Bomb Pops were first invented in 1955 by James S. Merritt and D.S. Abernethy in Kansas City, MO. And they sure exploded on the market. Get it? Exploded? Bomb Pops?

While Bomb Pops are traditionally known for their cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavor combination, you can now choose from a total of ten types: Original, Original Jr., Sower Wower, Sower Wower Jr., Hawaiian Punch, Jolly Rancher, Banana Fudge, Watermelon, Tongue Splashers, and Sour Cherry Tear Jerkers. You now can never go wrong with a Bomb Pop. They have a flavor for every day of the week and then some.

And, like most popsicles, Bomb Pops are fat free and low calorie, so you won’t feel as guilty giving your kids a dessert in the middle of the day (because Bomb Pops from an ice cream truck are so much better than Bomb Pops from the store — everyone knows that).

This is actually a relatively new holiday for such a traditional treat. It first came into being when Blue Bunny celebrated the 50th anniversary of Bomb Pops in 2005. They also ran a sweepstakes that year, granting two winners a trip to Disneyland and giving 50 people Game Boy Advances.

Most people tend to associate Bomb Pops with the Fourth of July. That does make a lot of sense. After all, the treats are very patriotic-looking. But if there is any day to eat a Bomb Pop, it’s tomorrow. In fact, it should be a requirement to eat a Bomb Pop tomorrow. Kids everywhere: rejoice!