Choosing The Right Entertainment For Your Kid’s Birthday Party


When I was a child, my birthday party would consist of an extra large pizza for my friends and I and a movie. Happy Birthday to me! Today things are a little bit different. Children as young as two years old are getting parties complete with custom crafted cakes, balloons, flowers and entertainment. Even if your child is too young to remember what happened at their own party, it is a chance for you to show off to your friends, enjoy a day of frivolity and pay someone else to take care of the details.

The Package Deal

Now a-days there are venues and entertainers who not only delight your children at their party but also take care of all the details for you. These companies might ask you to provide a few trinkets while they cover the food, entertainment and child wrangling for one complete price. Imagine simply showing up to a venue with your child, their guests and sitting back while they enjoy themselves. Now that is a luxury worth paying for!

Character Parties

Character parties are all the rage at the moment. These companies provide families with their child’s favorite movie, television or literary character to appear in real life. Our favorite example is Parties by Louise. Parties by Louise consist of one actress, who transforms herself into whatever character your child wants.

She provides you with several “party packages” to choose from. Say, for example, your child is absolutely wild about Frozen. Louise will then appear at your home or venue as Elsa, complete with the costume and even special snow tricks, and stay in character throughout a two-hour-long party.

For the full party package she leads a sing-a-long of all the Frozen songs your child knows by heart, teaches your child and their guest table manners before they dig into the cake, plays a rousing game of “freeze” dance, “Elsa Says” and “Do You Want to Build a Snow Man.” After the guests are worn out, they settle down to open presents, read a story and go home. For a complete party package with Parties by Louise you should expect to pay around four hundred dollars, though less expensive, less comprehensive party packages are available. Parties by Louise travels all over the country, but there are sure to be character performers right in your own back yard. Visit to find a character company near you!

Bouncing off The Walls

Some children have a lot of energy and therefore need a party that will keep them engaged and moving throughout. Jumpology Trampoline Park is just such a venue. The ultimate birthday package allows a maximum of twenty-five guests have full access to all of Jumpology’s trampolines for an entire hour. You receive a room all to yourself and a party attendant to set your party up and clean it up when you’re done. All decorations and utensils are provided and guests receive a free shirt, socks, birthday jumper and wristband to take home. For only two hundred dollars you can have your entire child’s party taken care of you. Now happy birthday to you!


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What type of birthday party entertainment idea is your favorite?